The Wineries

1. Highland Vineyards and Winery

Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC is a relatively new winery in Kansas. It is the business branch of the Highland Community College Viticulture and Enology Program. HCC offers college courses, certificates, and degrees in growing grapes and making wine. HCC staff planted their first vines in 2009 and have been making and selling wine since 2012. With the evolution of 456-Wineries, the program chose to split business operations away from the educational program in 2018. Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC staff also comprise the staff of HCC Viticulture and Enology Program.

HCC has four vineyards in northeast Kansas managed by Candice Fitch-Deitz, and the fruit from those vineyards is used to make wine at Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC. Matthew Kahl is our winemaker, and here are the wines we have to offer.

  • Chambourcin Reserve– Made from a grape called Chambourcin, a French-bred hybrid of the Seyve-Villard and Chancellor grapes, first commercialized in 1963 France.  As described in the book, “Wine Grapes,” Chambourcin wines are “full-flavoured and aromatic and do not have the intrusive flavours sometimes associated with hybrids.”  The Chambourcin grape is currently the most planted variety of grapes in Kansas and was recently named the State Red Grape of Kansas. Highland’s Chambourcin Reserve is a dry red wine made with grapes grown in Highland’s vineyards and is a deeply colored variety with full aromatic flavors of cherries and blueberries allowing it to pair will with barbecue, pork, and all grilled dishes.  Chambourcin Reserve is $17 per bottle.
  • Chambourcin– A semi-sweet red wine with many of the same characteristics as the Chambourcin Reserve except with a touch of sweetness.  Chambourcin is $15 per bottle.
  • Traminette– The Traminette grape is a hybrid of the Joannes Seyve and Gewurtztraminer grapes, created in 1965 at University of Illinois.  After breeding at Cornell University in New York, Traminette was released for public use in 1996.  According to the book “Wine Grapes,” Traminete wines have, “good body and balance and taste like a vinifera wine.”  According the the winemaker, the HCC Traminette is distinctly spicy and fragrant like its Gewurztraminer parent, has excellent balance, flavor and drinkability.  Traminette is $15 per bottle.
  • Vignoles– Semi-sweet White Wine (in 2020!)
  • Summation– A sweet rose’ wine made from a blend of nearly forty individual wines made as small batches from Highland’s Research Vineyard in Wamego, KS. The Summation of these small batches results in a wine filled with tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Summation is $15 per bottle.
  • Finale– Made using locally grown Norton grapes Finale is a dessert-style or port-style wines. It is higher than usual in both sugar and alcohol content as well as being packaged in a smaller bottle.  The Finale has around 20% alcohol content, and is contained in a 375 ml (half-size) bottle.  Finale is $22 per bottle.

2. Bodine Wine Company

Hi!  We’re Bodine Wine Company (It rhymes!).

We are a sixth-generation medium-sized Osage County farm family.  Eight years ago we decided to combine our interest in wine and winemaking with our desire to diversify our farm. We planted a small vineyard and pursued viticulture and enology education through Highland Community College.  The fantastic opportunity to open a small winery in 456 Wineries was too good to miss. We will be producing Cider as well as Red, White and Rose’ wines. We will be opening soon and promise to do our best for you.

Our first two wines are coming next week!! Here are the labels. Come see us and try our wines!

3. Zydeco Meadery

Two students from the Highland Viticulture and Enology Program have teamed up to form Louis Vieux Winery doing business as Zydeco Meadery. They officially enter the incubator in August with wine and mead (honey wine) coming this fall. As we gather more information about them winery we’ll post it here!!

4. Red Rock Hill Vineyard and Winery

Red Rock Hill Vineyard recently joined the incubator just in time for 2020 grape harvest! They are local, living very close to Westmoreland, KS. As we gather more information about our newest winery we’ll post it here!!

5. Your Winery Could Be Next!!

If you are interested in becoming a client winery at 456-Wineries then contact us at 456wineries@gmail.com