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Winter Hours Starting Nov 1
Fri-Sat: Open 2-6pm
Sun-Thu: By Appointment Only

Must be 21+ years of age to sample or purchase wines.

Mix-n-Match Case discount 10%.

Sampling Fee: $5 per person for five samples. Keep the glass!


You know about these, right?!?!


Check out the full lineup of wines in the tasting room!!

456-Wineries is the culmination of nearly a decade of ideas, projects, grants, and gifts. We are a business incubator for winery businesses. Our staff guides up-and-coming winemakers and entrepreneurs through the permitting process as well as mentor the new businesses through marketing and winemaking strategies.

Patio and Lawn Outside

Each winery will have a separate space and set of tanks, but the crusher, press, pumps and other equipment will be shared. All of the wineries will occupy a shared tasting room, each with a separate area from which to pour samples and sell wine. Join us for an opportunity to sample a variety of wines from everyone at 456-Wineries!

Winery Bays

The Wineries

Winery Laboratory where winemakers will test wines for various acid levels, sugar, and alcohol content.

456-Wineries has space for up to six individual wineries. Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC is the owner and managing partner of the winery incubator. Below you will find the list of wineries currently operating inside 456-Wineries.

1. Highland Vineyards and Winery

Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC is a relatively new winery in Kansas. It is the business branch of the Highland Community College Viticulture and Enology Program. HCC offers college courses, certificates, and degrees in growing grapes and making wine. HCC staff planted their first vines in 2009 and have been making and selling wine since 2012. With the evolution of 456-Wineries, the program chose to split business operations away from the educational program in 2018. Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC staff also comprise the staff of HCC Viticulture and Enology Program.

Highland harvest crew 2018: Scott, Vanessa, Candice, Matt (left to right).

HCC has four vineyards in northeast Kansas managed by Candice Fitch-Deitz, and the fruit from those vineyards is used to make wine at Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC. Matthew Kahl is our winemaker, and here are the wines we have to offer

  • Chambourcin Reserve: Dry Red Wine
  • Chambourcin: Semi-sweet Red Wine
  • Traminette: Semi-dry White Wine
  • Vignoles: Semi-sweet White Wine
  • Summation: Sweet Rose Wine
  • Finale: Sweet Dessert Wine

To learn more about Highland Vineyards and Winery, LLC click here.

Plate and Frame filter. Used to filter wines prior to bottling.

2. Bodine Wine Company

Hi!  We’re Bodine Wine Company (It rhymes!).

Bodine vineyard netted red grapes

Bob Bodine owns a medium-sized Osage County family farm.  Eight years ago we decided to combine our interest in wine and winemaking with our desire to diversify our farm. We planted a small vineyard and pursued viticulture and enology education through Highland Community College.  The fantastic opportunity to open a small winery in 456 Wineries was too good to miss. We are producing Cider as well as Red and Rose’ wines. Here is the full lineup:

  • Bee-Haw: Sweet, Hard Apple Cider
  • Plain Jane: Dry, Hard Apple Cider
  • Rose’- Semi-dry Rose’ Wine
  • Chambourcin- Dry Red Wine
  • Sweet Red- Sweet Red Chambourcin Wine
    • Check us out at https://www.bodinewineco.com/

      Wine pumps. Used for moving wine from a tank to a filter or to transfer to another tank. The “smallest” size pump is in the middle. On the right is a “must pump,” used for pumping juice at harvest which will include grape skins, pulp, and seeds. Note the much larger size of pipe going in and out of the Must Pump.

      3. Zydeco Meadery

      Two students, GW Clift and Eric Depradine from the Highland Viticulture and Enology Program have teamed up to form Louis Vieux Winery doing business as Zydeco Meadery. They entered the incubator in August and have several meads (honey wines) coming this winter and more coming later in 2021. Here are their first three:

      • Sunflower Delight: Dry Mead, honey from southeast Kansas
      • Creole Queen: Dry Mead, honey from Vermillion Parish, LA
      • Ozark Beauty: Dry Mead, honey from Ozark mountains of Arkansas
        • Originally Highland V&E Program only had one small refitted Pepsi machine to make wine in the back of a chemistry lab!

          4. Red Rock Hill Vineyards

          Red Rock Hill Vineyard joined the incubator just in time for 2020 grape harvest! They are local, living very close to Westmoreland, KS. They have three wines in tanks and three that just hit the shelf! Here is their lineup:

            On the Shelf
          • Flyover: Dry Red, Petite Pearl Grapes
          • Pretty Prairie: Semi-Dry Rose’, Marquette Grapes
          • Wagon Trail: Dry White, Itasca Grapes

          • On the way
          • Estate Reserve: Dry, Barrel Aged, Petite Pearl Grapes
          • Dickcissel: Semi-Sweet White Wine
          • Simon Says: Semi-Sweet Red Wine

          Check us out at rrhvineyards.com

          Sunset in the tasting room.

          5. Hiatus Wine 

          Our most recent addition to the 456 Wineries family hails from Lawrence, KS. They are just beginning the licensing process, but we can’t wait to have them join us in the production space in spring 2021!! You can learn more about Hiatus Wine here: https://www.facebook.com/hiatuswineks/

          Lakemont seedless grapes can be found in Highland’s Research Vineyard in Wamego. There are only a dozen vines planted for research purposes, but the clusters look and taste delicious!

          6. Your winery could be next!! 

          If you are interested in becoming a client winery at 456-Wineries then contact us at 456wineries@gmail.com. We only have one space left!!

          456-Wineries Story

          The main goal of the HCC Viticulture and Enology program has always been to help grow the industry. Mostly, HCC endeavored to teach about growing grapes and making wine. After doing that for a couple of years, we wanted to know what else we could do to help. In 2014 HCC purchased a vine transplanter to help plant grapes faster and with less hand-labor. The next goal was trying to find a way to assist the wineries, and that’s when the reality of a business incubator began to fall into place.

          Cash Still, used to measure the amount volatile acid (if any) is contained in the wine. Volatile acids make the wine taste like vinegar, so less is better!

          The idea of a winery incubator goes back to the inception of the program with lofty goals and “wouldn’t it be cool if…” kinds of brainstorming. In spring 2016, HCC acquired additional winemaking equipment from a fellow VESTA partner in Oklahoma. Then in fall 2016, HCC received grants to hire a fulltime winemaker/enology instructor as well as to purchase the equipment necessary to “eventually, someday” open a winery incubator. Over the winter of 2016, HCC was approached with the opportunity to purchase a property through a land-swap, and this particular building was perfectly located for such a facility. Suddenly, all of the pieces for the incubator were falling into place!

          Ebulliometer. Used for testing alcohol levels in wine. Ebulliometry has been used in winemaking since the early 1900s.

          In 2017, architects and contractors were contacted. We sifted through the endless possibilities for layout and structure and came up with what we think is the best possible winery this new building can offer. In fall of 2018 construction began, and in late summer of 2019 the incubator opened its doors for startup wineries to move in. It is our goal to help wineries begin operations, build clientele and inventory, and then eventually move on to become stand-alone wineries, making room for new entrepreneurs to move in and get started.

          Fruit Press separates the juice from solids such as seeds, grape skins, etc.

          Below is a series of images from various stages of construction.

          The finished product! Welcome to 456-Wineries!

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