V&E Info

This page is devoted to content pertinent to Viticulture and Enology students, researchers, and members of the grape and wine industry. The program at Highland CC started classes in 2008, but this website started in 2019. That’s a lot of ground to cover. We’ll catch up as soon as we can!


January 2020: Here is a spreadsheet showing harvest data from the HCC Research Vineyard from 2017-2019. The research vineyard was originally planted in 2013. Some vines yielded their first harvest in 2016, but the first “full” harvest was in 2017.


December 2019: Here is the 3-fold flyer that HCC V&E program distributes to potential students. It contains information about the viticulture and enology academic programs at Highland Community College and the VESTA program. The flyer also has a “degree sheet” showing required courses for degrees, semesters that courses are offered, and the one-to-one comparison between course names and numbers in the HCC and VESTA systems.


November 2019: Here are the three vineyard maps for the vineyards planted near Wamego. There are also notes about vines that were replanted, replaced with a different variety, and information pertaining to own-rooted vs. rootstock.